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SAP Helps Boost Productivity through the use of Mobile and 3-D Product Visualization Technology

Leveraging technologies from recent acquisitions has enabled SAP to accelerate the advancement of their A&D manufacturing solution through the use of mobile technology and 3D product visualization. These integrated technologies give customers a significant boost in productivity throughout the entire product lifecycle. Early returns are exhibiting substantial gains in quality, operational productivity and time to market improvements. In most A&D organizations manufacturing processes are managed by paper-oriented approaches which by their very nature tend to be outdated, poorly illustrated and lack clarity. Leveraging integrated 3D processes derived directly from the most current product design information and complemented by business data improves decision making, brings real-time accuracy to the data and eliminates the time sink of leaving to work area to update IT systems. Technicians benefit from faster learning, clarity in the work instructions, higher productivity and quality gains. In fact, a Harvard University study showed that the use of graphical information reduced learning time by over 50% while at the same time increased learning retention by 10% and improved understanding 30%. Customers have also noted safety as a side benefit by eliminating the need to climb up and down scaffolding, in or out of an airplane, or negotiate potential plant hazardswhen referencing information or updating systems. Companies are also takingadvantage of the technology to enable remote training of personnel, bringing technicians up to date on parts or assemblies they are unfamiliar with online. Interviews with users attest to the benefits of SAP's mobile visualization software. The technology is new to the A&D industry, but it will have apositive impact on operations as companies learn how to maximize productivity and reduce costs through its use.


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