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Master Big Data: SAP Delivers the Database of the 21st Century

Aerospace and defense (A&D) companies are experiencing an explosion of business data in their enterprise today. With highly complex supply chains, product lifecycles of 30+ years, not to mention end-item components which is one of many product variants often numbering in the tens of thousands. The challenge of harnessing this data for strategic insight and operational decision-making often seems insurmountable. This trend is broadly known as "Big Data." The very point of looking at Big Data is to identify patterns that create answers to questions you did not even know to ask. SAP is now working with A&D companies to provide a capability to analyze every transaction, capture insights from granular data, and not have to wait for days or weeks to get information from the field. Given the volumes and velocity of information, the traditional database approach is no longer a strategic asset to house and manage information and drive to differentiated insights. It simply cannot keep pace with today's business requirements for fast and accurate analytical data. The value of In-Memory technology can be groundbreaking. A significant portion of the value of In-Memory lies in its ability to open up bottlenecks and offer users greater access to fresh, granular and accurate data. Dramatically improved hardware economics and technology innovations in software have now made it possible for SAP to deliver on its vision of the Real-Time Enterprise with In-Memory business applications, enabling customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source in real-time with sub-second response time.

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