The Aviation Week Network:
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From high-level content and forecast data to marketing services and face-to-face relationship building, Aviation Week provides strategic business advantages that help A&D professionals worldwide capture business and make informed decisions.

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Media Opportunities

Generate ROI and reach the decision-makers you most want to reach with Aviation Week’s leading media, including Aviation Week & Space Technology, Air Transport World, Aviation Week ShowNews, Business & Commercial Aviation, and SpeedNews.


Marketing Services

From brand awareness and content development, to lead generation, database marketing and face-to-face networking, consider Aviation Week your exclusive marketing services partner.


Data, Analytics & Forecasting Tools

From the Aviation Week Intelligence Network to the new Fleet & MRO Forecasts, learn more about Aviation Week’s business development and data resources that will help you win business and generate ROI.


Face-to-Face Engagement Through Events

Our event portfolio includes conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions, symposiums and roundtables produced by ATW, Aviation Week and SpeedNews. Our events deliver sponsorship, branding and collaboration opportunities that position your company as an industry leader and enable you to reach qualified buyers with purchasing power.


Subscription Offerings

Stay connected and informed with subscriptions to Aviation Week’s leading products, including Aviation Week & Space Technology, Air Transport World, Business & Commercial Aviation, AC-U-KWIK, Air Charter Guide and Aircraft Blue Book!



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